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Heroes of Pokemon, welcome to PokeHeros! A team of pokemon that travel the world of Pokemon, trying to set order!

Your story:

You walk with a bag on your shoulder, looking around. You have passed the gates of the great Team Pokeheros base, and you are eager to talk to the heads, Shinxy and the legendary Firona. A huge, white building lays before you, and you can sense the power wham your face. Suddenly, before you can touch the knob to the entrance, a bolt of eletricity hits you hard in your side, sending you flying. You are pinned down by a shinx, and from the bolt, you can tell it's a powerful one. "Who are you?! Do you work for Houndoom?!" he snarls. But suddenly, a fire blast shoots him off. "Shinxy!" A voice hollars. "DO NOT TREAT GUESTS IN SUCH A RUDE MANNER!" A Female charmander steps out, a pink bandanna around her neck. Your jaw drops. She is Firona, the most powerful fire-type in the area. She walks up to you, and hauls you up. "I'm sorry." She says. "Shinxy is nervous alot, now that a new evil has risen." She explained. "Anywho, I bet you're here to join." You nodd. "Good." Says Firona, then leads you inside. "We have to prove you are worthy, first.....

Team Pokeheros Home - Team Pokeheros

Might is strong, but a pure heart is the strongest might of all. ~Firona

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